St. Paul Confirmation Program

Confirmation is more than just "graduating" from Sunday School. Confirmation is when you yourself state the faith that you confess. You also state your desire to be a member of this congregation.

Students interested in becoming a member of St. Paul take classes (with the help of their families) in Bible history and Christian teachings from 5th -8th grade. We offer this in the religion classes in the day school and in mid-week classes for student at other schools.

For complete information and a schedule of events, click here to view this year's Confirmation Program Family Handbook and Confirmation Schedule.

Acolyte Schedule:

Students in the 6th - 8th Grade serve as acolytes for ALL regular worship services.  Church Secretary Ruth Schian coordinates the schedule, so questions regarding the schedule should be directed to her.  If you need to switch days once the schedule is published, please work with another parent of an acolyte to make arrangements. If you do switch, please contact the office so that the bulletin and records can be updated.

Click below for the current schedule:

Oct.-Dec. 2017