Adult Mixed Choir

Use our voices to lead congregation in singing selected hymns during worship services. Practice once per week from Sept. to May on Tuesdays at 7:00pm.

For more information contact Tom Schimm.


Celebration and Praise Music

Lead congregation in performing contemporary Christian music on the first Sunday of the month at the 10:30 a.m. service. Two practices held monthly.

For more information contact David Schultz.


Handbell Choir

Adorn the worship service by performing musical selections using handbells. Instruction and handbells are provided. Practice once per week from Sept. to April on Tuesday at 6:00pm.

For more information contact Tom Schimm, Director.



Notes from the Music Director: 


I am really looking forward to serving you this year as organist and director of the Adult Mixed Choir and Handbell Choir.  A plaque hangs on our living room wall that reads as follows:


An Organist's Prayer


Dear Lord, I come with humble heart,

Please keep it so I pray, when people say

nice things to me as they have done today,

When I am seated in my place, my hand on organ key,

may they foreget that I am there and catch a glimpse of Thee.


What a wonderful aspiration this would be for every church musician to always have in a worship service, whether they are a vocalist or instrumentalist (or both).  Yet, because of our sinful condition, it becomes so difficult (if not impossible) to keep from wanting to draw "at least some" of the attention and praise of others to ourselves when giving an offering of our musical talents in service to our God.  But my hope and prayer for all those (including myself) who will be serving in the role of 'musician' at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School is that they strive with all their hearts, souls, and minds to use their musical talents for the much greater goal of helping all those who have come to worship to "catch a glimpse of" God--Father, Son and Holy Spirit.