Audio-Visual (AV) Technician Team

Operate sound system, display screens, or camera system in main sanctuary and the computer and AV system in the Fellowship Center during worship services and special occasions.

For more information contact David Schultz.

Banner Arts and Crafts

Use artistic talents to create banners and crafts that can be used to highlight Christian themes for confirmations, holidays, Vacation Bible School, etc.

For more information contact Pastor Dennis Matyas.

Computer Assistance

Provide assistance to students at St. Paul School in using the computers.

For more information contact Principal Jack Lustila.

Drama Ministry

Engage in creative skits and drama dialogues to illustrate Christian truths during worship services.

For more information contact David Schultz.

Media Ministry

Coordinate audio recording of worship services using church owned equipment to provide recordings to shut-ins and others, that they may hear God's word.

For more information contact Virginia Hutter.

Web Site Coordination Team

Develop and maintain church web site to share information about St. Paul to members and to the community.

Women's Ministries

Draw women together and closer to God, and coordinate the annual women's retreat.

For more information contact Heidi Schultz.