Why A Lutheran School?

Since the time of the Reformation in the 1500's, Lutheran churches have made education a priority in their ministry. Why? We could point out that an educated society is important to us all. We could quote scripture about "bringing up a child in the way he should go". But really, Lutheran education is about sharing the saving love of Jesus with the next generation.

That is the goal of a Lutheran school, and the core to our existence. Beyond just teaching the basics, we believe our ministry is to teach and live the Gospel – that God loves you, forgives you, delights in you, and helps you to grow.

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Technology in Education

Technology is everywhere in our world and the classrooms at St. Paul are no different. Computers and iPads for teachers and students, data projectors, SmartBoards, Chromebooks, and other audio/visual hardware are standard equipment in each classroom. Grading, progress reports, and other record keeping are all done on the computer. But the real benefit comes from the way teachers make use of these tools. Information technology and research are integrated into many areas of study. Teachers make use of the many educational resources to be found on the internet, and use handheld tablet computers to move about the room, interacting with students while addressing a variety learning styles. Ultimately, students are being taught to use the tools available to them to learn, grow and succeed.




St. Paul Lutheran School is accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) and has been since 1993. This is a distinction held by Lutheran schools belonging to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Accreditation by NLSA is a rigorous process. The process includes demanding self-study and reporting requirements, as well as an assessment by a visiting evaluation team. The critical components of this process scrutinize and evaluate the quality and rigor of each schools academic programs, in addition to reviewing the spiritual dimensions of the school. Information garnered from this process is used to bench mark and evaluate progress on school improvement goals and objectives.



St. Paul Board of Education

The Board of Education is elected annually by the Voter's Assembly, and is charged with policy making and oversight of the school. The Board of Ed meets monthly to guide and guard the precious gift we have in our school. The Board Members take their task very seriously, because, as a congregation, and as parents and grandparents, Christian Education is a top priority for St. Paul Lutheran Church.


Parent Teacher Organization

Parents, Teachers, and Students growing together in Christ! That is the guiding mission for the PTO. The PTO seeks to help parents and teachers work together to make St. Paul the best school it can be for their students. Growing parents, empowering teachers, encouraging students and funding improvements are all part of the PTO goals.