SCRIP Program

St. Paul Scrip Benefits Familes and School!

What is the Scrip Program? Through Great Lakes Scrip, St. Paul purchases retailer gift cards at a discount (usually 3% - 8%). When you purchase a full value card, St. Paul retains the savings as profit!  Half of your profit goes to St. Paul, and half goes into an account that you can use to pay for lunch, tuition, extended care, and preschool.

Cards are available in the folling ways:

  • Megan Lowe will have scrip available Friday mornings before school in the main hallway. 
  • Most Sundays after Church services sold by Coordinators Lynn Jezowski, Diane Behmlander, Tiffany List, and Darlene Zeilinger.
  • Often in the school office during normal office hours (unless no one with access to the Scrip Box is available)


You Can Order Scrip On-Line!sws logo

To order on-line you will need to set up an account.

Set up an account:

  1.      Call the School Office for the St. Paul Enrollment Code
  2.      Go to
  3.      Click "Create  Account" in the green Family Sign Up box
  4.      Chose a Username and Password for yourself, and enter                the required personal information (name, address, etc.)
  5.      Click "I Accept"
  6.      Choose and provide answers for two security questions.
  7.      Enter the St. Paul Enrollment Code


To order in the future you will need to log in with your Username and Password. On-line orders are sent to St. Paul and can be picked up at any of the above sale times, or by contacting Darlene Zeilinger at the School Office (686-4450)

There are Dozens of Retailers!

The Scrip Coordinators maintain a limited stock of select retailer cards on hand, but there are many more avaiable for you to order through them or on the ShopWithScrip website.  Check out all the options you have for regular purchases (like gas and groceries), gifts, family outings, vacations, or special projects around your home.